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Are Blackout Blinds Worth It? Blackout Custom Window Treatments in Boise, ID

Do you have difficulty sleeping due to street lights outside your bedroom window, the neighbor's patio lights, or general late evening sunlight in the summer? Do you have children who need to go to bed or nap while it's still light, nearly year-round? Do you have migraine headaches where you sometimes need to retreat to a cool, dark room to feel better? Maybe you like to watch movies in the privacy of your home, but with the ambience of a pitch black theater. All of these (and more) are excellent reasons for having blackout window coverings in your home.

Ezze Shutters and Blinds has a wide array of blackout shades and blinds to fit your needs, and we're just the window covering company to handle the installation as well. We are also a timely company that uses trusted brands and "Made in the USA" products.

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Types of Blackout Shades: Cellular or Roller Shades, Vertical or Horizontal Blinds

The definition of a blackout window shade or blind is a window treatment that blocks all or the vast majority of outside light from entering a room. For some people, this can make a significant difference in the quality of sleep they or their children get on a regular basis. Blocking the light also helps make your home more energy efficient as well.

There are several styles of blackouts that accomplish this, including:
  • Blackout Cellular Shades (Cellular shades are explained here.)
    • Bali Blackout Cellular Shades
  • Blackout Shutters (Shutters are explored more here.)
  • Blackout Blinds (Blinds in general are discussed here.)
  • Blackout Roller Shades (Rollers are covered more here.)
  • Roman Blackout Shades (Other types of shades are also reviewed here.)
  • Blackout Motorized Shades
    • Blackout Automatic Shades (Great for helping keep a schedule.)
    • Remote Control Blinds
  • Blackout Cordless Shades (Extra safe for babies' and childrens' rooms.)​​​​​​​
  • Transitional Blackout Shades​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  • Top Down/Bottom Up Blackout Shades (Super flexible for light intensity.)

Besides basic light control, having such a varied supply of blackouts means we can accommodate requests for assorted materials and colors to make your window treatments fit in seamlessly in your home and precisely in each window.

However, if your window is a unique size, shape, and/or in a unique location, that's where our craftsmanship as a high-quality custom window covering company also works to your advantage. We want your shades to fit! We do our best to cover a broad set of client needs, from the stock we carry to the price ranges we accommodate.


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