What Are Cellular Shades? Answers From a Window Treatment Company, Boise, ID

One of the most popular types of indoor window treatments that Ezze Shutters and Blinds installs is the cellular shade (i.e. the honeycomb shade). This shade is made with two layers of material that are joined in regularly-spaced lines throughout the shade so that, when the shade is compacted, it makes a neat, tight accordion shape.

When the shade is extended, however, there are gaps in the interior of the shade that form a roughly honeycomb shape or cell. These gaps are extremely efficient for insulating your windows. Additionally, they are easy to personalize with both color and size so you can get the high-quality custom window covering you're looking for. Ezze Shutters and Blinds also uses reliable brands with American-made products, at price points ranging from modest to luxury.


Types of Cellular Shades: Honeycomb, Blackout, Light-Filtering Cellular Shades 

Blackout Cellular Shades (See our page on Blackout Shades for details.)
Honeycomb Shades (Another name for a cellular shade.)
Pull Down Cellular Shades
Top Down/Bottom Up Cellular Shades
Vertical Cellular Shades (Great for sliding glass doors.)
Cellular Shades with Pull Cords/Cord Loops
Cordless Cellular Shades (Good for children or pets.)
Light-Filtering Cellular Shades
Bali Cellular Shades
Angled Cellular Shades (Usually Custom)
Arched Cellular Shades (Usually Custom)
Skylight Cellular Shades (Usually Custom)
Roman/Cellular Fusion Shades (Usually Custom)
And More
Motorized Cellular Window Shades
  • Remote Control Cellular Shades
  • Automatic Cellular Shades
With so many possible materials to make these honeycomb shades, you have extra control over light intensity–from sheer to blackout and everything in between–as well as the degree of privacy, with shades that open and close from distinct directions and to various degrees.
If you'd like to learn more about the whole range of products carried by Ezze Shutters and Blinds, please see our Window Coverings Page. It will give you the most comprehensive view. Whatever style of window treatment you'd like, we would love to be the local window covering company to handle your installation in a timely manner.
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